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Fact 4: Biomass Potential in California

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Biomass Could Provide at Least 12 Percent of California’s Electricity Needs The state of California could harvest 34 million bone dry tons of biomass each year on a sustainable basis as a source of RENEWABLE ENERGY, according to a report prepared for the CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION’s Public Interest Energy Research Program. “The state’s biomass resource is large and diverse,” says the California Biomass Collaborative, author of ‘Biomass Resource Assessment in California in Support of the 2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report.’ This year, the gross annual resource is estimated at 86 million bone dry tons (BDT). If used for to produce electricity, the...

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Fact 3: Wind Power Potential

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Wind Power Could Generate More Than Enough Sustainable Energy Electricity to Meet Global Energy Needs Stanford University researchers have produced a new study and corresponding map that pinpoints where the world’s winds are fast enough to produce power. After analyzing more than 8,000 wind-speed measurements to identify the world’s wind-power potential for the first time, Cristina Archer, a former postdoctoral fellow, and Mark Z. Jacobson, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, suggest that wind captured at specific locations, if even partially harnessed, can generate more than enough power to satisfy the world’s energy...

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